The Splunk Alternative to Exorbitant Log Collection Costs

December 17, 2020 11:00 am EST

Duration: 45 minutes


Mike Kelly


Joseph Howell

Senior Product Manager

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Many organizations use expensive SIEM solutions like Splunk to monitor ALL of their logs. However, operational logs have different requirements, and tools like Splunk are not necessarily the right tool for the job.
In today’s environment, there’s no need to combine operational log aggregation and security log analysis. Organizations can have the best of both worlds, and the associated cost savings as well.

In this webinar, Mike Kelly, CTO and co-founder of observIQ will discuss how observIQ Cloud allows engineers to effectively aggregate and monitor logs at a lower cost than SIEM solutions such as Splunk. Focused on streamlining the log management experience, observIQ Cloud offers lifecycle management, one-line agent installation, 30+ pre-made ‘sources’ for popular technologies.
Joseph Howell, Senior Product Manager, will also give a guided tour of the platform, taking attendees through the rapid onboarding process, with real-world examples of how to visualize and investigate common incidents for several popular technologies.

During this 45 minute session, you will learn:

  • The benefits of using a platform purpose-built for log management
  • Simple onboarding steps – showing how to ship your logs to the platform within minutes
  • How to create alerts and notifications for common security events for databases like MySQL
  • How to monitor proxy traffic from your NGINX instance running on Kubernetes
  • How to configure the observIQ agent as a syslog receiver and parse your traffic using a custom pipeline
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