The Problem

Many organizations use expensive SIEM solutions like Splunk to monitor ALL of their logs. However, DevOps/ITOps logs have different requirements, and expensive SIEM tools are not necessarily the right tool for the job.

Splunk and other SIEM also require advanced admin resources and data custodians to manage the solution, which is an additional expense to organizations that rely on these tools.

The Solution

DevOps/ITOps logs do not need to be monitored in the same system as security logs. Avoiding costly SIEM tools and utilizing a purpose-built log management platform can save organizations a significant amount of money. Use the observIQ Cloud log management platform so you can filter out IT operational logs from your SecOps environment, or use observIQ Open Source Log Agent as a low-cost, high-performance open source Splunk alternative.

The Solution Brief

Shouldn’t DevOps and ITOps professionals have their own purpose-built tool for their log aggregation and analysis needs? Our solution brief discusses the challenges inherent in using a SIEM for operational log aggregation, the high cost of doing so and the observIQ state-of-the-art alternative solution.

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Why observIQ?

By ingesting less data in costly security-focused platforms such as Splunk, you can move your operational logs to a more cost effective, purpose-built logs platform. The observIQ logs platform is scalable to help reduce network load and store data more efficiently, with consistent and faster log-to-platform delivery.

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