The Problem

Open source software can provide incredible benefits to an organization, but not all organizations can go it alone, leaving them nowhere to turn when help is needed. When community-based support is no longer sufficient for your open source solution, it can leave users incredibly frustrated.

The Solution

observIQ offers comprehensive paid support and professional services. Our support agreements include SLAs for support response times as well as patches and delivery procedures. Plus, you’ll always be informed first of new available updates for the latest functionality. Paid support is available for observIQ Open Source Log Agent, and included with observIQ Cloud.

Why observIQ?

With observIQ Open Source Log Agent, we want to ensure that you get the support you need. Paid support is included with observIQ Cloud.

Get Started

A paid support plan for observIQ Open Source Log Agent is now available.

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observIQ Support

For the Open Source Log Agent, community-based support is available on our:

GitHub Repository

To inquire about Paid Support, please contact:

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