The Problem

Log data is a critical resource when it comes to incident investigation, but engineers are not usually able to leverage their data to proactively improve the health of their infrastructure. If you are only using a log management solution to react to issues, you may be missing out on a major benefit.

The Solution

While log data can be used reactively to remediate issues, a logging solution can proactively provide visibility into your infrastructure’s health.

The observIQ Cloud is an intelligent log monitoring platform that can learn and establish baseline thresholds for your environment, and then detect and alert you when it senses anomalies. For example, if you regularly receive a specific log message 50 times a day, this threshold will be established as the normal benchmark. If suddenly the log message occurs 50 times per hour, this will be recognized as anomalous behavior and send an alert so you can proactively investigate and make necessary changes before a critical issue occurs. The observIQ Cloud platform does this by sorting specific log messages into histograms or turning them into metrics, allowing for trending of key signals. You can also stay informed by scheduling reports on a regular basis.

Why observIQ?

Faster incident investigation is only one way that engineers can benefit from an intelligent log monitoring and management platform. Receiving alerts on the overall health of your infrastructure can enable a more proactive approach, allowing you to get ahead of potential issues before they wreak havoc.

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