The Problem

A single issue can snowball into a major problem across your ecosystem. You’ve got to deal with it quickly; what doesn’t help is receiving the same error message over and over again.

Your log platform needs to be able to sort through thousands of signals in the cloud that were caused by a single issue so that you know what is important and what’s not. When you’re bombarded with messages, it’s possible to get alert fatigue and overlook or ignore issues that are single snowflakes in an ongoing alert storm. You don’t need a reminder of what’s down. You need to know what caused it in the first place.

The Solution

The observIQ Cloud log management platform help overcome alert fatigue with the option to collapse or group the same error message or event log alerts so it doesn’t become distracting noise. It allows you to create and automatically send intelligent alerts with contextual awareness to only applicable team members working on the affected service or application, reducing the amount of unnecessary alerts received across groups.

Tagging log messages provides critical context, so you are aware of the specific location in your datacenter or application service associated with any incident.

Why observIQ?

When engineers receive alerts that aren’t actionable for them, they tune out. Our cloud-based log management platform prioritizes quickly finding the solution to the problem instead of reminding you again and again that it exists.

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