Cloud-Based and Open Source Logging Tools to Overcome Any Challenge

Whether you need high-performance log aggregation for demanding cloud and hybrid environments, or a log agent with a light memory footprint that can deliver TBs of log analysis, our cloud-based and open source logging tools can help solve today’s toughest challenges.

Alert Storm Mitigation

Receiving too many alerts after one single issue can cause snowballing problems and alert fatigue. Intelligent alerting and understanding contextual awareness can help get you through the storm.

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Incident Investigation

When investigating an incident, you need to be able to use your logs platform to go deep into why it happened and trace its path. Log tagging and parsing error messages provides critical context.

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Infrastructure Health

Log data can be used not only to be reactive to issues and enable faster incident investigations, but to also proactively provide visibility into your infrastructure’s health.

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Flexible Log Aggregation

observIQ makes it easy to efficiently and automatically aggregate logs from hybrid-cloud environments, containerized environments and microservice architectures at scale onto one log platform.

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Splunk Alternatives & Cost Reduction

Reduce Splunk costs by moving operational logs—which don’t require the same attention as security logs—to a more cost-effective alternative.

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Supported Logs

When community-based support is no longer sufficient for your open source solution, observIQ offers comprehensive commercial support and professional services.

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