A Full Log Management Platform That Extends The Elastic Stack With Best-Of-Breed Log Agent


observIQ Cloud

A powerful full stack SaaS log management platform that provides agent life cycle management, fleet management, guaranteed log delivery, alert storm mitigation and an extensive log plugin catalog. Built upon our best-of-breed log management agent and using the visualization tool you're already familiar with - Kibana.

observIQ Cloud Capabilities

  • Sort, search, visualize and manage all your log data in real time
  • Easily create your own custom log parsers and plugins
  • Update and configure agents remotely
  • Change log levels and parsing on the fly to diagnose real-time issues
  • Know when log messages fail to send
  • Update all your log agent configurations at once with fleet management capabilities


High-Performance Log Agent

observIQ log agent uses 10x less memory and CPU than other log agents, consuming fewer resources and allowing higher log data throughput.


Agent Lifecycle Management

Starting with a one-line installer for agent deployment, observIQ Cloud solves the agent lifecycle challenge by providing automated updates for both agent and plugins as well as simple remote fleet management to send changes throughout your environment.

Remote Agent Status and Configuration

observIQ Open Source Log Agent and observIQ Cloud provide live agent health status and remote configuration, allowing updates on the fly. Change your log configuration to diagnose problems in real-time.

Role-Based Access Control

For deployments that are utilized by multiple teams or multiple access roles, observIQ supports SSO with RBAC to limit access at the individual log level.

Log Aggregation

observIQ Open Source Log Agent automatically aggregates log signals from any source – including microservice architectures, containerized environments, and hybrid cloud logs – into a single platform.

Flexible Log Aggregation

SaaS or On-Site

observIQ Cloud provides a managed, enterprise-grade, cloud platform. For cases where internal requirements demand full application control, observIQ will soon offer a platform that can be deployed within your environment.

Incident Investigations

Reduce SIEM Costs

Many organizations use expensive SIEM solutions like Splunk to monitor ALL of their logs. However, DevOps and ITOps logs have different requirements, and expensive SIEM tools are not necessarily the right tool for the job. By separating operational logs from costly existing SIEM solutions, you can monitor them for a fraction of the price.

Save on Splunk Costs

Need observIQ On-Prem or On-Site?

observIQ is releasing a platform that can be deployed within your environment.

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observIQ Support

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