A High-Performance Open Source Log Agent for Your Observability Stack

The Open Source Log Agent from observIQ is a highly configurable, high-performance agent made for ELK logging within the ELK stack, featuring a full library of pre-built log plugins to support your existing applications.

observIQ Open Source Log Agent replaces the FluentD or Logstash log agent in the ELK Stack, while consuming 10x less memory and CPU.

The Benefits of observIQ Open Source Log Agent

Consumes 10x less memory and CPU than popular open source alternatives such as FluentD and Logstash

Full catalog of pre-built log input and output plugins to support your existing applications, databases, and popular log destinations

Quick one line installation for easy setup and rapid deployment

Remote configuration changes and updates to deploy fixes, improvements, and log level adjustments in real-time

Custom log parsing, filtering, enrichment and tagging with our advanced and intuitive plugin framework

Guaranteed, secure log transmission to eliminate dropped log messages and prevent missed critical events due to log growth

The observIQ Mission...

Scalable Observability. Intelligent Control.

Our mission is to build the most comprehensive observability solutions for DevOps and ITOps. We’re passionate about open source.

About observIQ

observIQ Cloud

observIQ will be introducing a full log management platform that extends the Elastic Stack with our best-of-breed log agent and remote configuration.

A powerful full stack SaaS log management platform that provides agent life cycle management, fleet management, guaranteed log delivery, alert storm mitigation and an extensive log plugin catalog. Built upon our best-of-breed log management agent and using the visualization tool you're already familiar with - Kibana.

  • Sort, search, visualize and manage all your log data in real time
  • Easily create your own custom log parsers and plugins
  • Update and configure agents remotely
  • Change log levels and parsing on the fly to diagnose real-time issues
  • Know when log messages fail to send
  • Update all your log agent configurations at once with fleet management capabilities
About observIQ Cloud

observIQ is releasing a platform that can be deployed within your environment.

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observIQ Support

For the Open Source Log Agent, community-based support is available on our:

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To inquire about Paid Support, please contact:


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